Puerto Rico Disaster Relief

In September 2017, Hurricane Maria caused catastrophic damage and a major humanitarian crisis on the island of Puerto Rico.

Since then, Biotecture Planet Earth has been busy trying to find ways of sending a team to Puerto Rico to do a demonstration project of a sustainable and hurricane resistant Earthship.

Earthships create self-reliance and independence by integrating six basic principles and the aim is to train locals in Puerto Rico to be able to build these houses themselves and in a cost-effective way.

Project Proposal and timeline:
Stage 1:
Send a small team to Puerto Rico for a week-long demonstration project to build a hurricane resistant Earthship to be used as shelter. Picture below.
Timing: February 1 – 6 2018

Stage 2:
After documenting the situation and raising funds for the second round, we will return and integrate all systems and finish the build. Drawings below.

How you can help:
– Donations. Please click here to donate directly to this project. Any little bit helps.


– Come and join us on our Phase 1 project.
To sign up, make a donation of $500 – $1000 towards the project and email us to register with your personal information. Maximum number of participants: 15.
– Spread the word. Help us receive donations by sharing the information and links on this page.
– Contacts. Do you know an individual or organization that would be interested in helping us co-fund this project? We are all ears. Please contact us: info@biotectureplanetearth.com

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