Puerto Rico – Phase 2

Would you like to get hands on experience building self-sustainable and hurricane resistant homes and learn from experienced Earthship instructors?

Do you want to be part of the construction of Puerto Rico’s first self-sustainable Earthship community and work alongside people from Puerto Rico to re-build their beautiful island home?

Then come and join us on Phase 2 of our Puerto Rico project.

In response to Hurricane Maria’s horrifying devastation on the island of Puerto Rico, Biotecture Planet Earth started fundraising late last year and partnered with Earthship Biotecture and with Colectivo Verdolaga, a small group of sustainable living enthusiasts in Puerto Rico, to start building a self sustainable and hurricane resistant community and education center on the East side of the island.

Phase 1 was completed in February 2018, with 1.5 huts that can be used as shelter being completed in one week’s time.

We are now getting ready for Phase 2, during which we will continue construction of the community and self sustainable living education center and add electrical and water catchment and filtering systems to the existing buildings.

Project: Puerto Rico Community Center – Phase 2
Dates: 20 June – 30 June 2018
Location: near Aguada, Puerto Rico
Cost: $700 donation to support production, materials, and transportation costs for this project.
Requirements: An open mind and positive energy, an urge for adventure and meeting likeminded people from different backgrounds. Please note that there will NOT be any classroom lessons on this project, this is on-site experience only. No building experience necessary, no age limitations.

How to sign up:

1 Fill out the registration form.

2 Donate $700 to support the Puerto Rico project.
Click below to donate via credit card or paypal.
If you prefer to send a check, please visit the Donate section on our website.


3 Wait to receive a confirmation email.

 Please read carefully:
– Travel: Travel to and from Puerto Rico is your responsibility. Please arrive in Puerto Rico on 19 June and leave on 01 July if possible. You can fly into San Juan or Aguadilla airport. SouthWest Airlines currently has special offers to Puerto Rico from US airports: www.southwest.com.
We will try to set up a shuttle from the airport to the site on 19 June and vice-versa on 01 July to share costs between all of us (around USD $20 per person per trip), more information to come at a later stage.

– Accommodation: Accommodation is your responsibility. There are hotels, hostels and airbnb rentals in the area. We will try to book a hostel at a discount for the group and will also try to arrange a camping area close to site. We also have 10 camping spots available on site, cost is $5/day ($50 for the 10 days). If you would like to book this option, please email us requesting it after you sign up.

– Food: There are grocery stores and restaurants in the area. We will try to set up a community lunch plan at a small cost (about $6 per day), more information to follow.

– Travel insurance and medical: We will have an emergency vehicle on site to provide transportation to the hospital if needed. We strongly recommend travel insurance or health insurance for this project.

– What to bring: More information to follow.

For any questions, please email info@biotectureplanetearth.com.

NOTE: If you live in Puerto Rico and would like to volunteer, please contact colectivo.verdolaga@gmail.com.

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