Puerto Rico Disaster Relief

HAITIIn September 2017, Hurricane Maria caused catastrophic damage and a major humanitarian crisis on the island of Puerto Rico.
Since then, Biotecture Planet Earth has been busy trying to find ways of sending a team to Puerto Rico to do a demonstration project of a sustainable and hurricane resistant Earthship.
Earthships create self-reliance and independence by integrating six basic principles and the aim is to train locals in Puerto Rico to be able to build these houses themselves and in a cost-effective way.

Project Proposal and Timeline:
Stage 1:
Send a small team to Puerto Rico for a week-long demonstration project to build a hurricane resistant Earthship to be used as shelter. Picture below.
Timing: February 1 – 6 2018
Stage 2:
After documenting the situation and raising funds for the second round, we will return and integrate all systems and finish the build. Drawings below.

You can still help us make this project a reality. We need to fundraise at least $5,000 for materials and tools, the more we fundraise, the more structures we will be able to replicate and the more knowledge transfer there will be to local people affected by the hurricane.
– Donate: Help us make this project possible by donating funds to buy materials! www.biotectureplanetearth.com/donate
– Spread the word. Help us receive donations by sharing the information and links on this page.
– Contacts. Do you know an individual or organization that would be interested in helping us co-fund this project? We are all ears. Please contact us: info@biotectureplanetearth.com




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