Biotecture Planet Earth strives to learn and be able to provide better service and better support on an ongoing basis in order to create a better, more sustainable world, one case at a time.

Our organization is devoted to discovering new knowledge for experimental concepts, materials, building techniques and educational methods for transferring this knowledge to meet global needs for housing and building; oftentimes with a specific focus on disaster relief.

Therefore, Biotecture Planet Earth is engaged in basic and applied research to gain knowledge and understanding of sustainable building techniques and educate about the construction and maintenance of these buildings and homes.

Below you will find some examples of our work in this field. Please click on each project to download the document.

Biotecture Planet Earth Research Explained

Malawi Research Summary

Philippines Research Summary

Haiti Research Summary

HaitiReconReport November 2020

Wash, Rinse, Repeat, Breathe, Grow, Eat

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