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Student/Volunteers each pay a fee to work alongside the Earthship building crew, this fee varies depending on each project.

The student/volunteer fees are the major funding for our projects, and go directly to the project the student signs up for. These funds are used for purchasing the building materials, transport costs, and on ground expenses to get the build done. All other donations that are made to each project also contribute to the above expenses, but it is the student/volunteer fees that provide the major funding for these projects.

In return, students will learn valuable knowledge on every project about Earthships and how to build them by especially contracted Earthship experts and experienced crew.

Please email if you are interested in joining any of our projects!


Thank you for your guidance in my preparation for my trip to Haiti to participate in building an earthship classroom. It was a wonderful experience and I am very happy that I went!”
Pat, Haiti Earthship project, 2017

“What a trip. This was a chance to learn about Earthships from the ground up and. 56 of us (from 22 different countries!) were divided into groups of 8 to get hands on experience of tyre pounding, roofing, water work, bottle work etc. The ES staff taught us by showing us how to be safe and then giving us ownership of our work. The friendships remain, forged creating music around the fire, walking through the Malawi outback and working along side the locals. Many of the group went on to create projects of their own inspired by our time in Kapita. Quite simply a life changing experience – go for it!”
Patrick, Malawi Earthship Community Center, 2013

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