We are going back to Puerto Rico!

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  1. Is anyone at the PR project now? March 1st, 2019? I’d love to visit AND volunteer. I am planning to volunteer at the Pangea earthship building project in Myakka FL in May. I have a 92 acre ‘ecovillage’ project going now near Gainesville, Called Gaia Grove, but want to ‘pass the torch’ (ie: sell it to like minded eco-community folks) and buy a cave home / retreat center in Granada Spain and want to make if off grid and use tires and other recycled materials for the front and sides of the cave home. I’d really like to connect with you all. I am taking a trip with my flight attendant friend this Sat-Wed.. and we’d liek to either see the Earthships building and community in Taos or go see and talk with someone in Puerto Rico. My # is 352 519 4909. Please contact me asap Tahnks you so much!!!

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